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SmartMenus jQuery 1.1.1 and 1.0.2 released

A couple of maintenance releases are now available.

What's new in 1.1.1

  • A second click on a main menu item when "showOnClick: true" should hide the sub menu
  • Update demos with Bootstrap 4.5.0
  • Fix: Mouse input not detected correctly on Windows when pointer speed is set to any of the fastest 2 options and additionally "Enhance pointer precision" is unchecked
  • Fix: Avoid Content Security Policy issue when valid JSON is used as "data-sm-options" value
  • Fix: "showOnClick: true" should not affect collapsible mode behavior in any way
  • Fix: Remove SHJS syntax highlighter source code from the repo
  • Fix: Problem with markCurrentTree in megamenu
  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError when clicking on items (that do not have a sub menu in certain cases) in collapsible mode

What's new in 1.0.2

We decided to update the old 1.0.x branch for those of you still using it with a fix for a pretty critical issue reported recently:

  • Fix: Mouse input not detected correctly on Windows when pointer speed is set to any of the fastest 2 options and additionally "Enhance pointer precision" is unchecked

Download a 1.0.2 zip.

Project status update

Some of you have been concerned about the state of the project so I would like to take this opportunity to post a short status update. 🙂

In short - I have no plans of shutting down the project and I am already working on a new major release.

If you are interested in a longer explanation, I've posted a brief summary of the reasons behind the lack of any notable recent project activity:

As always, thanks a lot for your support! And I hope I would be able to share some good news soon (whatever "soon" means 🙂 ). Keep it up and stay safe in these weird times!

SmartMenus jQuery 1.1.0 released including new Bootstrap 4 addon

It's time for another major release and 1.1.0 is now available! We are bringing some notable improvements to the code and have packed a number of fixes based on your continuing feedback since 1.0.1 which was released almost a year ago. And still we've tried to keep the upgrade process as simple as possible.

What's new

  • Support jQuery 1.7+ (no more 1.4.4+)
  • Support jQuery "slim" versions
  • New Bootsrap 4 addon
  • New long requested option collapsibleBehavior
  • Remove Compass dependency in the themes
  • Change main module name from "jquery.smartmenus" to "smartmenus" in addons
  • Replace bind/unbind, delegate/undelegate with on/off in the JS
  • Replace :before/:after with ::before/::after in the CSS
  • Fix: themes SCSS files renamed to avoid filename issue for @import in node-sass (e.g. from "_sm-blue.scss" to "_sm-blue-theme.scss")
  • Fix: hideOnClick: true not working in collapsible mode if the menu item text is wrapped in a <span>
  • Fix: isCSSOn() method not working properly when the main menu links have display set to anything other than inline
  • Bootstrap addon fix: prevent issue in Chrome if display: flex is set to any .navbar-nav in desktop view
  • Deprecate and remove overlapControlsInIE option

Multi-level navbar dropdowns with Bootstrap 4 made simple

Now that Bootstrap 4 has gone "beta" we thought it's the right time to finally release an official addon for it. The new Bootstrap 4 addon works exactly like the original Bootstrap (3) addon. You just need to include the JS/CSS files on your page and you are good to go with your multi-level dropdowns - everything should work automatically including full support for your Bootstrap 4 theme.

We have created a few demo pages with quick instructions (they're also included in the download package):

Thanks for your support! We hope you'll enjoy the new release as much as we do! ❤️

New demos + themes gallery and v1.0.1

It's been a while since the v1.0.0 final release so we are very happy to share some good stuff today. 🙂

First, we are now launching a new online demos + themes gallery. We hope many of you will find useful the current samples and, of course, we do plan to add more soon.

And second, we are also releasing the maintenance v1.0.1 today. As the minor version bump suggests, it's mainly a maintenance release including some CSS bug fixes for the themes but there is also a handy new feature added:

  • Added support for the data-sm-options attribute on the root <ul> element

This allows setting any custom options directly in the HTML source rather than passing them in the init function call. It is particularly useful when using the Bootstrap addon since users will not need to modify the addon source code any more if they just need to set some custom option.

As always, we are grateful to everyone that contributed to this release! Enjoy!

SmartMenus jQuery v1.0.0 final released

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! We hope you've had wonderful holidays and wish you all the best in 2016! 🙂

Now to some long-awaited news from us. More than 2 years after the first public release we are excited and happy to finally reach the v1.0.0 milestone. It's been a long journey, far, far longer than we initially planned and expected but we feel it was worth it and the project has evolved and matured into something we can proudly stand behind.

Major release v1.0.0-beta1

It took us 9 months since the last v0.9.7 but the first 1.0.x release is finally here. Although dubbed a "beta", we are actually not aware of any issues or bugs at the moment so we consider it safe for production use. If everything goes well, we have planned to go v1.0.0 final in the coming weeks so this is really a major milestone for the project.

Notable changes in v0.9.7

The new v0.9.7 is now released including some notable changes, features and fixes:

  • Removed menu layout tweaks and hacks for IE 6/7/8
  • Switched to box-sizing: border-box;
  • Long sub menus can now be scrolled via touch for fixed positioned menu bars
  • Added Bower support
  • and more...

Another new theme and v0.9.6

A new theme named "sm-mint" is now available in the download package and you can also check it out right away online at the GitHub demo page.

sm-clean theme preview

As for v0.9.6, it's basically just another maintenance release on the road to v1.0.0. It features some bug and compatibility fixes both in the script core and the Bootstrap addon which is also bumped to v0.1.1 and should now work properly for those of you using jQuery in noConflict() mode.

Advanced keyboard navigation and v0.9.4

We are now introducing advanced keyboard navigation support via a small optional addon script. By default even without this addon the SmartMenus plugin includes basic keyboard navigation support - i.e. a user can use the Tab key to cycle through all main and sub menu links. This addon takes keyboard navigation to a more advanced level by allowing the use of the keyboard arrow and Esc keys to browse the menu tree conveniently. Additionally a hotkey can be set too if needed - i.e. a keyboard shortcut that will send focus to any menu tree. Here is an online demo with instructions (it is, of course, also included in the download package):

We are also releasing v0.9.4 today which includes some fixes for keyboard navigation on touch devices. It should now work equally well on touch or mouse-driven devices. This version also includes some other fixes and generic optimizations so all in all it's a recommended update for all users.

Full Bootstrap 3 compatibility in v0.9.3

Bootstrap 3's global usage of box-sizing: border-box was causing incorrect sub menus positioning in some browsers like Chrome so we've addressed this in v0.9.3 which is now available. SmartMenus jQuery should now be considered fully compatible with Bootstrap 3.

Note: The actual fix is in the "sm-core-css.css" file so make sure you update it too if you are upgrading.

Version 0.9.2 and a new theme

The first SmartMenus jQuery update is now available as we release v0.9.2. There is an important fix in "sm-core-css.css" for an issue in Chrome which could prevent the page scroll bar(s) from appearing even if the page is big enough to require scrolling. It also includes some fixes for the mouse/touch input detection code for the upcoming IE 11 which features updated Pointer Events support. So it's a recommended update for all users.

Apart from the code tweaks, a new theme is now also available. Named "sm-clean" it's basically a simple clean looking theme that features visual carets for the horizontal main menu popups.

sm-clean theme preview

You can check out the theme in action right away at the GitHub demo page (use the theme switcher drop-down to activate it). And, of course, it's also included in the updated download package.