SmartMenus jQuery v1.0.0 final released

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! We hope you've had wonderful holidays and wish you all the best in 2016! 🙂

Now to some long-awaited news from us. More than 2 years after the first public release we are excited and happy to finally reach the v1.0.0 milestone. It's been a long journey, far, far longer than we initially planned and expected but we feel it was worth it and the project has evolved and matured into something we can proudly stand behind.

What's new since beta1

  • Added AMD/CommonJS compatibility for the plugin and the addons - they are now also available as npm packages
  • Added a few more main menu configuration samples on the default demo page
  • Scrolling for long sub menus now uses hardware acceleration + requestAnimationFrame() when possible
  • scrollInterval option deprecated as it's not needed any more
  • Some tweaks to "sm-core-css.css" and the themes to simplify the script usage - e.g. set default z-index 9999 in "sm-core-css.css", set default sub menus width 12em, etc.
  • New option noMouseOver - allows disabling onmouseover item/sub menus activation (i.e. make it possible to always behave like in touch mode and use just mouse clicks)
  • new API event hideAll.smapi - fired when the whole menu tree is reset (e.g. on document click, onmouseout)
  • Added support for data-sm-horizontal-sub attribute to allow creating horizontal sub menus (additional CSS required for styling the sub menus)
  • Fix: bug with calling "refresh" method when adding a new sub menu
  • Bootstrap add-on: rework the add-on to support dynamically created navbars - $.SmartMenus.Bootstrap.init() method now available
  • Bootstrap add-on: fix isCollapsible() method to properly work with right floated main menu LI elements

Official support now available

As promised, with the v1.0.0 release we are now finally offering official (paid) support plans. So users who would like to rely on premium support, provided directly from the author of the script Vasil Dinkov, could now opt for it.

Community PRO PRO Unlimited
Version Full-featured Full-featured Full-featured
Support Self-support
Community forums
Premium support
Official support from us
Valid 1 year
2 incidents
1 website
Free upgrades
Premium support
Official support from us
Valid 3 years
20 incidents
Unlimited websites
Free upgrades
License MIT License EULA with us EULA with us
Price Free €39 EUR * €529 EUR *
Download Purchase Purchase

* Please note that TAX/VAT may apply for EU member countries in case you don't enter a VAT ID during the order process. Exact details are provided before the order is completed.

About our support

Why "premium"?
We call it "Premium support" because you will get it directly from the author of the script Vasil Dinkov. Another reason is that since August 2, 2001 when the first SmartMenus version was released, we have had many satisfied commercial licensees (Sony, IBM, Nordea, Financial Times, Renault, Lufthansa among the most popular) and that experience gives us confidence that we can meet the highest standards when supporting our products.

What are your working hours?
Support queries are processed Monday - Friday. Usually you should receive a response within 24 hours (unless you submit your request on Friday evening or during the weekend our time UTC/GMT +2 hours).

What do you call an "incident"?
An incident is basically a single case when you will need our support for a given issue. An incident may include extensive communication between us (discussions, multiple replies, etc.) until the issue is resolved and you are happy.

What kind of help can you provide?
We can assist you with your implementation in any way and resolve all kinds of issues like possible CSS or JavaScript conflicts with other scripts you may use, answer any technical questions you may have, provide you with step-by-step instructions and code samples, tweak your own code and send you working demos. In case you discover a bug, we will provide you timely with a fix and make sure the next release includes it so that you can safely upgrade in the future.

What is not included?
Note that while we can assist you in any way with your implementation, you will still need to do the implementation on your own. For example, we cannot do the complete implementation from scratch for you just based on your requirements but you can always rely on us for clear instructions and code samples how to achieve what you need.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

What's next

Now that we reached our major milestone in the near future we do plan to concentrate on creating more demos (sample implementations, more themes, tutorials, etc.) that will help users to get started using the script quicker and easier.

Another notable thing to mention is the upcoming Bootstrap 4. We're already looking into it and exploring the opportunity to support it in a similar way to Bootstrap 3 with a small addon requiring zero configuration efforts.

Thank you!

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your support and contributions to the project through the years since 2001! It's been a long journey and we're very grateful to all of you the project is still going strong! :love: