Major release v1.0.0-beta1

It took us 9 months since the last v0.9.7 but the first 1.0.x release is finally here. Although dubbed a "beta", we are actually not aware of any issues or bugs at the moment so we consider it safe for production use. If everything goes well, we have planned to go v1.0.0 final in the coming weeks so this is really a major milestone for the project.

What's new

Here are the most notable changes from the 0.9.x releases.

  • Mobile first approach - notable changes in the script, core CSS and themes
  • Ported all themes to SASS + Compass (could be easily replaced by Bourbon, etc. if desired)
  • Made all themes RTL compatible out of the box
  • Implemented ARIA attributes and improved keyboard navigation (in the script core and in the Keyboard Addon) - credits to Adobe for their valuable research
  • Changed default collapsible mode behavior - added a dedicated +/- button to toggle sub menus
  • Added support for data-sm-reverse attribute to allow reversing the horizontal alignment of a specific sub menu (check the docs for details)
  • Bootstrap add-on: changed Bootstrap collapsible menus behavior - added a dedicated +/- button to toggle sub menus by default
  • Bootstrap add-on: added support for data-sm-skip and data-sm-skip-collapsible-behavior attributes (check the docs for details)
  • Bootstrap add-on: do not create SmartMenus .sub-arrow carets automatically any more. Bootstrap .caret carets can be added in the source like normally in Bootstrap instead

Upgrade from v0.9.x

Upgrading from a 0.9.x release is not very painless for those of you using vanilla SmartMenus jQuery (without the Bootstrap add-on) due to the fact that a mobile first approach is used now and this means that your existing theme's CSS will need to be updated to be mobile first. If you are using the script with the Bootstrap add-on, it is very easy to upgrade. We've written a short tutorial in the docs on upgrading covering all uses.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us or post in the forums.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed in any way to this major release! We really appreciate it! :love: