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  • NeilW

    Fantastic!!! 😀

    Thanks very kindly, works great for the desktop menu, but on mobiles it aligns the sub menus to the right.

    In this case, I need the menu button still on the right, but the menu list still left aligned.

    I think I have fixed it though at my mobile break-point with the following code:

    @media screen and  (max-width: 979px) {
    /* Fix to left align menus again on small screens */
    	#main-menu {
    		float: left !important;

    Hopefully, it proves OK.


    OK, thank you.

    I just needed to get further ahead with things over the past two weeks which is why I reverted to just the plain bootstrap menu, but I will look to incorporate SmartMenus again on the above basis.

    I was later fiddling around with using just pure css for the menu at that previous link but the new dev area is now here

    I have got over the problem with the toggle menu, but the sub menus are still right aligned to the main menu where, although I want the menu itself right aligned, I would still like the sub menus aligned with the beginning (left) edge of the main menu rather than the end (right) edge.

    Is there still a way to fix this?

    Thanks again.

    in reply to: very LARGE menu #1800

    The computer that is doesn’t work on could mean that it is on a Windows computer and it is the third Monday after a full-moon, or the direction of the sun over your shoulder, or it is the day before Christmas – anything really. 🙁

    Just a well know Windows programming thing unfortunately. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)