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Version 0.9.2 and a new theme

The first SmartMenus jQuery update is now available as we release v0.9.2. There is an important fix in "sm-core-css.css" for an issue in Chrome which could prevent the page scroll bar(s) from appearing even if the page is big enough to require scrolling. It also includes some fixes for the mouse/touch input detection code for the upcoming IE 11 which features updated Pointer Events support. So it's a recommended update for all users.

Apart from the code tweaks, a new theme is now also available. Named "sm-clean" it's basically a simple clean looking theme that features visual carets for the horizontal main menu popups.

sm-clean theme preview

You can check out the theme in action right away at the GitHub demo page (use the theme switcher drop-down to activate it). And, of course, it's also included in the updated download package.

SmartMenus jQuery plugin released

After about a couple of years in planning, development and testing SmartMenus jQuery is finally available! 🙂 We are still technically in beta as we release v0.9 today and aim for v1.0 in the coming weeks but the script is already tested thoroughly and is generally stable and ready for production environments.

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