SmartMenus jQuery plugin released

After about a couple of years in planning, development and testing SmartMenus jQuery is finally available! 🙂 We are still technically in beta as we release v0.9 today and aim for v1.0 in the coming weeks but the script is already tested thoroughly and is generally stable and ready for production environments.

For a quick introduction, please check out Introduction to SmartMenus jQuery.

Like the regular free jQuery plugins you may already use, SmartMenus jQuery is released as an open-source software licensed under the MIT license and is available for free for all kinds of use. We do plan to offer official paid support soon to users that request it but the script will always remain completely free for all.

This is probably the best moment to thank all those individuals and companies who have supported the SmartMenus project through the years since 2001 by purchasing commercial licenses for the previous scripts which were free for non-commercial use only. Without your support SmartMenus jQuery definitely wouldn't exist today so big thanks to all! :love:

Source code

The source code is hosted at GitHub:

The whole SmartMenus jQuery development with bug tracking and all will happen there.

New website

We are also launching a new website today which is powered by WordPress. We've switched the forums from FluxBB to Vanilla. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a good tool to migrate all the old content without any issues so in the end we decided to just start from scratch, mainly due to the fact that most content becomes irrelevant now anyway since we are going forward with a completely new script.