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    Thank you very much for your inputs.

    I have to think about all the different possibilities. May be I will use the mega menu option. So I have to work on it.


    Thank you very much. I only can test it on Ipad , probably with older iOS.

    You are right, it is not allways very usefull. But the company gets the user to see all important pages, which the user should see.

    This is my menu-structure

    – products, overview (level1)
    – list of categories (level2)
    – the real products (level3)

    – Products
    –HDD drilling systems
    –MINI drilling systems

    The page “Products” shows an overview of all categories (HDD drilling systems, MINI drilling systems, ..)
    The page “HDD drilling systems” shows an overview of all products you can really buy (TJ8522S, TJ5415S, …)

    So, these pages of level1 and level2 have additionally important informations.

    On tablet you allways need 2 taps to reach these overview-pages “Products” or “HDD drilling systems”.

    I think, the visitor will never tap two times, when he does not know, how important these pages are.

    If there would be a good solution, how I can get tablet user to see the level1 and level2-pages with one tap, I would like it. But I understand all your other comments.

    I like your SmartMenus. Thank you very much for that. Probably I have to try to get the visitors with some further links to these important pages.


    Please do not use desktop and do not use mobile with the responsive menu bar .

    Please try with a tablet (I have an Ipad) ! You can see it only on a tablet ! There are no arrows, it looks like the desktop menu.

    1. Try :
    (page “product” is loaded)

    – touch “Product” : you see the submenu

    – wait a while : the the page “product” is loaded

    2. Try :
    (page “Grundodrill pipe rammers” is loaded)

    – touch “Product” : you see the submenu

    – do not wait too long and choose “Grondodrill pipe rammers” from the submenu:
    the page “Grundodrill pipe rammers” is loaded

    Thank you again for your comments.


    Thank you for your answer.

    I want to have the customer see the submenus but also go directly to the page which is important.

    You can see an example hier: (you can choose english language)

    If you have a tablet and go with your finger on “products” you see the submenus but the link to “products” will be opened “a short time” later (may be it is immediately but needs time to be loaded).

    The page of “products” is important and the customer should see it.

    But the customer, who knows exactly what he wants, can first click “products” – see the submenu – and choose “Grundopit – Pipe rammers”. Then he comes directly to “Pipe rammers page” without going to “products”.

    If he does not choose one of the submenus the main page of “products” is loaded.

    I think this is very clever. If possible I would like to have this solution.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)


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