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  • in reply to: accordion failed #2664

    I am using code for having links on each li. Comparing the code you wrote found that the misfuction was at obj.itemActivate($item); By adding the true flag works fine!

    So my code is:

    var $mainMenu = $('#main-menu').on('click', 'span.sub-arrow', function(e) {
    		// toggle the sub menu on sub arrow click in collapsible mode
    		var obj = $'smartmenus');
    		if (obj.isCollapsible()) {
    			var $item = $(this).parent(),
    				$sub = $item.parent().dataSM('sub'),
    				subIsVisible = $sub.dataSM('shown-before') && $':visible');
    			$sub.dataSM('arrowClicked', true);
    			if (subIsVisible) {
    		// don't show the sub menu in collapsible mode unless the sub arrow is clicked
    		'beforeshow.smapi': function(e, menu) {
    			var obj = $'smartmenus');
    			if (obj.isCollapsible()) {
    				var $menu = $(menu);
    				if (!$menu.dataSM('arrowClicked')) {
    					return false;
    		'show.smapi': function(e, menu) {
    		'hide.smapi': function(e, menu) {

    Thanks very much for your time

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)