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  • lhguillory-flare

    I’m also interested in this topic, as I’m experiencing the same problem using smartmenus and Flare. If I define a skin, then the expand/collapse doesn’t work consistently (though it works on some topics and I have not figured out why it works sometimes and not others).
    By not defining a skin, the TOC remains expanded when clicked unless the destination page contains mid-topic jump (links to a location within that topic). When a page contains a mid-topic jump, the table of contents collapses. TOC destinations to pages that do not contain mid-topic jumps work just fine (i.e., the TOC remains expanded to display the location from which I clicked within the TOC).
    I like the look of smartmenus; I just need to iron out these last few quirks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)