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  • in reply to: addon bootstrap vertical menu #2338

    hello admin,

    thanks a lot for your time to look at my code. i followed your quick instructions and updated my code on the website.

    and what can i say? YOU’RE A STAR 😉

    vertical bootstrap menu now works on my site and I’m really greatful for your help. recommending smartmenus to others will be on top of my list.

    and if you ever find time to make a demo or document on how to create vertical bootstrap navbar with smartmenus … well … please don’t hesitate 😉

    again, thanks a lot for your help!

    greetings & all the best

    in reply to: addon bootstrap vertical menu #2334

    hello admin 😉

    thanks a lot for your reply!

    yes, bootstrap doesn’t have a default vertical navbar, but if you ever find the time to look into it and implement this feature into the smartmenus bootstrap addon I would be more than glad, i guess other too 😉 some kind of demo in the future … you would be the man 😉

    anyway, i managed to get both a horizontal bootstrap navbar and a standard vertical smartmenus menu (right sidebar) to run on a site. here’s the link:

    it’s a responsive layout update for a client and all of course still in beta mode.

    the only issue i got implementing both menus on the page is your fix for collapsible menu detection for bootstrap3 in your bootstrap addon file on line 69

    // fix collapsible menu detection for Bootstrap 3
    	$.SmartMenus.prototype.isCollapsible = function() {
    		//return this.$firstLink.parent().css('float') != 'left';

    if i comment out the line like in the code above i can hover over the vertical menu item in the right sidebar and the sub-menu opens up

    if i enable the line in your code above the mouseover doesn’t work anymore and if i then click on the menu item the sub-menu opens to the right, out of the actual viewport.

    what are your thoughts on this? any response would be great!

    thanks again for such a nice jquery plugin 😉


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)