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two questions, auto open and submenu width

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    I found your smartmenu today and had a look at it. I like it a lot!

    There are a couple of things we hope to be able to do.

    1. Auto open an ítem on load. I managed to do that using itemActivate() and focus(). On a first level sub ítem this works well. But when using this on a sub sub ítem, there is a gap of about 10 pixels between the first and second sub menu. Any ideas?

    2. For some li items we like to add and icon right aligned. I tried something like

    <a>Introduction  <img src="../../../images/tick.png" /></a> 

    Which seems to work. However, it seems the sub menu width is set relative to the widest li ítem, which I like, but if that widest li ítem includes the icon, the icon is displayed on a new line. How would you recommend doing this?


    Edit: it seems some HTML code is not coming through, the image tag includes float:right


    Hi, glad you like the script!

    Right to your questions:

    1) Unfortunately, I can’t understand exactly what space you are talking about without looking at a demo. So if possible, please post some kind of live demo where I could test your code.

    2) You could, for example, put the image before the item’s text (not after it) and use a code like this:

    <img src="../../../images/tick.png" />

    Then if needed, you could add a bit more right padding for the items – you can find the rule in the theme’s CSS file – e.g. .sm-blue a { ...).

    Or another option would be to use a right aligned background image with some appropriate item right padding.



    Thank you for your reply!

    using it as a background imafge isn’t really an option but I was able to resolve it using subMenusMinWidth although it does require a css fix Firefox.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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