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SOLVED: Dropdown-menu flashes in mobile view when menu collapses

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x + Bootstrap addon SOLVED: Dropdown-menu flashes in mobile view when menu collapses

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    I have a site with Bootstrap 3 + Smartmenu.

    I had a difficult issue and as typical, when I started to write about my issue here in forum, and built a jsfiddle to demonstrate it, it suddenly worked and then I finally managed to isolate and solve the issue.

    However, somebody else might face the same issue, so I thought to share my finding here: (it propably could be mentioned in the Docs as well, or maybe it’s just me.. 😉 )

    1. Open your site in mobile view
    2. Open the menu and preferably a sub-menu too
    3. Click on some item to navigate to the page

    Expected: The menu collapses and new page appears.
    Issue: The menu collapses, but at the same time, before the new page appears, a duplicate dropdown-menu (with the desktop-size styles) appears and collapses.

    I had first done the Quick setup as instructed in the Docs, including the



    Then I continued to the Bootstrap addon section and did whatever was instructed there, but I left the


    part on the site. That caused the issue.

    Surprisingly, remove the


    script. 🙂

    PS. Thank you for a great menu solution and apparently good support as well.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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