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    I love SmartMenus, but I’m having difficulty modifying to WordPress. I’ve modified a simple Mobile First Genesis child theme and noticed that the Menu doesn’t open in Android 4.0.4, although it works in iPhones. Also doesn’t work on Android 4.1.1. But it does work on Android 4.3 (Samsung S4).

    Any fix?



    Hmm, seems to be a weird bug in older Webkit’s. If the menu button link has display: inline set and no real text content (apart from that added via :before), it isn’t clickable. So you have 2 options:

    I) Either set the following in the CSS:

    #menu-button {

    II) Or add some real text inside the link here (and maybe add just the icon via :before):

    jQuery("nav .genesis-nav-menu").before('<div id="menu-button-container"><a id="menu-button" class="null">MENU</a></div>');

    Wow… incredibly simple fix! Thank you!


    Np! Cheers!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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