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Smartmenus 1.1.0 in Madcap Flare - nearly working

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    I got Smartmenus 0.0.1-beta working in Flare but really wanted the ‘link’ collapsible behaviour that comes with 1.1.0 (where a parent topic name acts only as a link to the page and the +/- button opens and closes the sub menu.

    It was tricker to get 1.1.0 working as I got a a requirejs ‘Mismatched anonymous define() modules’ error, when I switched. So instead of importing the scripts in the html, I used the requirejs loader instead. By preventing it loading jquery twice (Flare already provides jquery), I’ve got it working to a point.

    Unfortunately, three things are going wrong:
    – the ‘link’ behaviour isn’t working, the parent topic expands the sub menu
    – the + button doesn’t work – the submenu flashes open then immediately closes on mouseup
    – the second level submenu appears to the right of the submenu instead of underneath

    In the pages I’m loading my main.js initialisation code…

    <script src="../smartmenus-1.1.0/main.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    And main.js….

        paths: {
            "jquery": "jquery.min.js"
    if (typeof jQuery === 'function') {
        //jQuery already loaded, just use that
        define('jquery', function () {
            return jQuery;
    require(["jquery"], function ($) {
        //This $ should be from the first jquery tag, and no
        //double load.
    requirejs(["../Content/Resources/smartmenus-1.1.0/jquery.smartmenus"], function () {
        $(document).ready(function () {
            $(".menu").on("loaded", function () {
                $(function () {
                    /* add classes used by smartmenus */
                    $('#smartmenu>').addClass("sm sm-mint");
                    /* remove Flare's "menu" class from menu proxy */
                    /* initialise smartmenus */
                        markCurrentItem: true,
                        markCurrentTree: true,
                        noMouseOver: true,
                        hideOnClick: false,
                        collapsibleBehavior: 'link',
    					showFunction: function($ul, complete) { $ul.fadeIn(250, complete); }
                    $("#smartmenu>").smartmenus("itemActivate", $("#smartmenu").find("a.current").eq(-1));

    Given how many problems there are, perhaps it’s not possible to use 1.1.0 in Flare. Alternatively, could I add the ‘link’ collapsible behaviour to 0.0.1?

    Grateful for help.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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