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showOnClick doesn't hide submenu when clicked again

Home Forums Latest release 1.1.x showOnClick doesn't hide submenu when clicked again

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    was wondering how come

    showOnClick: true

    option doesn’t allow closing the submenu when the same menu item is clicked second time? clicking elsewhere, however, does. am I missing some other setting?


    Hi, actually you are not missing anything. It’s currently really working like that by default. I will most probably change this in the next release. In the meantime, you could use the following tweak via the API to achieve what you need:

    // SmartMenus jQuery - a second click on a main menu item when "showOnClick: true" should hide the sub menu
    $('#main-menu').on('click.smapi', function(e, item) {
    	if (e.namespace == 'smapi') {
    		var obj = $(this).data('smartmenus');
    		if (!obj.isCollapsible() && obj.opts.showOnClick) {
    			var $sub = $(item).dataSM('sub'),
    				firstLevelSub = $sub ? $sub.dataSM('level') == 2 : false;
    			if (firstLevelSub && $':visible')) {
    				obj.clickActivated = false;
    				return false;


    Edit: Just add this code after your SmartMenus init code.


    Oho! Now the things work much better 😀 The only problem is the fact that the above code is OK for the level-1 sub-menu. In case there’s a sub-menu item which opens level-2 sub-menu, the second click will shut down all sub-menus been opened.

    Thanks for a great work and all of your efforts!


    OK, got it resolved by replacing the line:

    firstLevelSub = $sub ? $sub.dataSM('level') == 2 : false;

    …with just:

    firstLevelSub = $sub ? $sub.dataSM('level') >= 2 : false;


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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