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Need docs how to set options when using Bootstrap addon

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x + Bootstrap addon Need docs how to set options when using Bootstrap addon

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    I just spent several very enjoyable hours trying to set

    $(“#main-menu”).smartmenu({ noMouseOver: true });

    only to find out that I had to edit the jquery.smartmenus.bootstrap.js itself since the options are (inexplicably?) hardcoded in that file.

    (1) SUGGESTION: Make this VERY clear in the documentation WHENEVER you mention the possibility of using the bootstrap addon
    (2) SUGGESTION: Better yet would be to allow setting of options outside the downloaded source code. Typically plugins expect you to NOT edit the downloaded source at all (except for a config file or something) and so this is a bit hard to figure out for newbies to SmartMenus.

    OTOH I don’t want to sound like an ingrate. This is a GREAT piece of software you have invested LOTS of time developing and then you made it available to us for free. THANK YOU!!! (My comments above are intended to be constructive criticism to make it even better…)


    Sorry to hear that the docs were not clear enough! You don’t really need to edit the source code in “jquery.smartmenus.bootstrap.js” for this. You could use the data-sm-options attribute:


    <ul class="nav navbar-nav" data-sm-options="{ noMouseOver: true }">...
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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