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    I’m updating my menu from v0.9 to v1.0 but have run into a problem. With v0.9 it was possible to have two menus on the same page using something like this:

    $(function() {
    subMenusSubOffsetX: 1,
    subMenusSubOffsetY: -8
    subMenusSubOffsetX: 1,
    subMenusSubOffsetY: -8,
    // you might want this option for the sub menus of the right menu
    rightToLeftSubMenus: true

    <ul id=”main-menu-1″ class=”sm sm-blue”>

    <ul id=”main-menu-2″ class=”sm sm-blue”>


    This works fine for v1.0 in desktop view, but it seems to cause a conflict between the two menus in mobile view (one menu is always open/toggled and submenus cannot be opened by clicking on the + button)

    Does anybody know of a way to get both menus working on mobile?



    This shouldn’t be a problem so I guess there is something wrong on your page that causes the issue (maybe a JS error or some custom CSS that conflicts with the menu styles). If you like, please post some kind of the demo URL and I will check it.


    You were correct. I started again and it’s working as expected now 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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