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    I have not been able to find any method to bind smart menus with scroll.
    I am using version 1.1.0
    Here is my code for normal functionality:

    <nav class="menu">
    	<ul id="main-menu" class="sm sm-vertical">
    	  <li menu-link="section-5" class=""><a href="return false;"> About the new Cervical Screening Test </a>
    	    <ul class="">
    	      <li><a href="#section-5">When is the test changing and why?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-1">Why am I being tested for HPV?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-2">What is HPV?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-3">What about non-HPV related cervical cancers?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-4">What will happen during my test?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-5">How does the new test work?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-6">How is the new test different to a Pap smear test?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-7">Why should I do the test?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-8">Who should have a HPV test?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-9">What if I have symptoms?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-5-10">What will the test cost me?</a></li>
    	  <li menu-link="section-4" ><a href="return false;"> I’m a woman under 25 </a>
    	    <ul class="">
    	      <li><a href="#section-4">Why don’t I need a Cervical Screening Test?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-4-1">What if I already had an abnormal result previously?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-4-2">How will I know when it’s time to start getting screened?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-4-3">I’m vaccinated. Will I still need to do the test when I turn 25?</a></li>
    	  <li menu-link="section-3" ><a href="return false;"> I’m a woman over 25 </a>
    	    <ul class="">
    	      <li><a href="#section-3-1">When do I start testing?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-3-2">What will happen at my first Cervical Screening Test?</a></li>
    	      <li><a href="#section-3-3">Isn’t 5 years too long to wait between tests?</a></li>


    		$('#main-menu').bind('click.smapi', function(e, item) {
    			var obj = $(this).data('smartmenus');
    			if (obj.isCollapsible()) {
    				lastClicked = item;
    				var $sub = $(item).dataSM('sub');
    				var $parentSub = $(item).parent().dataSM('sub');
    				if ($parentSub && $parentSub.dataSM('shown-before') && $':visible')) { // toggle the parent li button
    					return false;
    				else if($parentSub && !$':visible')){ // Close the pre-opened menu
    					return false;
    				else if(!$sub){ // Don't close on child menu click
    					return false;

    I want to add open close the parent menus and highlight corresponding sections on scroll either direction.

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