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Menu: not linking to current page breaks some functionality

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x Menu: not linking to current page breaks some functionality

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    Hi there,

    as far as I know it is bad practice in a menu to have a link to the current page. So instead of having an a tag there we replace it with a span tag. Unfortunately that seems to break keyboard navigation and some other functionality.

    Is there any plans of allowing span tags or any other tag instead of a tags in the menu? I guess we could use a class like “current-page-item” to identify and target the span instead of an a.

    Would be great to hear some other thoughts on this.

    And any other practices like using a tag and the use href=”javascript:void();” or use href=”#” are not an option as these are bad practices and not to be encouraged.


    Ok, I did some more research and the solution described in the comments in this article seems to be quite a good compromise:

    Basically keeping the link for the current page, but pointing it to the main content of the current page, using it as a skip link for screenreaders. That way it is not confusing for AT users to find sometimes 5 links and sometimes 4 links for instance…

    Topic can be closed from my point of view.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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