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Manually setting submenu left/right direction

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    Due to client wants for a project, I need to be able to have the first half of the top-level submenus (and their lower-level subs) open to the right, but the other half of them opening to the left, except where the edge of the browser would force them to open on the other side of their parent. I’ve tried manually resetting rightToLeftSubMenus and firing a fresh itemActivate in the beforeshow event, but this just causes second-level submenus from appearing for the latter submenus.

        $('#main-menu').bind('beforeshow.smapi', function (e, menu) {
            console.log('beforeshow.smapi ', e, menu);
            var sm = $('#main-menu').data('smartmenus');
            if (sm.opts.rightToLeftSubMenus != ($(menu).parent().index() >= 3)) {
                sm.opts.rightToLeftSubMenus = ($(menu).parent().index() >= 3);
                console.log(sm.opts.rightToLeftSubMenus, sm.opts);
                $('#main-menu').data('smartmenus', sm).smartmenus('refresh');
                $('#main-menu').smartmenus('itemActivate', $(menu).dataSM('parentA'));

    Is there a better (i.e. actually working) method for doing this?


    I figured out what I needed to do; without a guard to skip the whole operation on lower-level submenus I’d end up in a deadly cycle. The solution was to add this as the first line of the event handler:

    if ($(menu).parentsUntil('#main-menu').length != 1) return;

    Now it works just fine.


    Hi CCharabaruk,

    I too want to just swap the submenu pop up direction from left to right, could you please tell me where exactly you added this line?

    if ($(menu).parentsUntil(‘#main-menu’).length != 1) return;

    Thanks so much!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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