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Making submenu open only when '+' is clicked (mobile)

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    Currently on my website I have a dropdown with links containing more submenus, if you want you can press on a link which will take you on some page or go deeper 1 level in submenu and click other link there, now on mobile when you click on ‘+’ it opens a link and opens a submenu. Is there a possibility to somehow separate the link and ‘+’ so when I click on ‘+’ it only opens a submenu and not the link.This is how it looks on mobile and I can’t find a solution to separate two functionalities.

    Please help its urgent, will pay if necessary.
    Thank you.


    Hi and sorry for the delay! I was on a summer vacation and, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reply earlier.

    Not sure why this happens for you – normally on mobile the +/- button functions just as a toggle for the sub menu so clicking it, shouldn’t activate the link. You can check this on the default demo page:

    So I guess there is something specific on your pages that breaks this behavior but it’s very difficult to guess what it might be without being able to test your code. So, if possible, please post some kind of the demo that I could test and investigate the issue.


    same question..
    Is it possible to open the submenu only clicking on ‘+’ and open the url if click on page name?
    thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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