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Is there a way to reduce the height of the horizontal navbar?

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x Is there a way to reduce the height of the horizontal navbar?

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    Jack Carlton

    Hello everyone,
    Is it possible to reduce the height of the menu bar? It currently weighs in at about 49px tall. I am adding it below a pre-set header that isn’t very large. I’d like to shave off about 12-15px above and below the links, if possible.

    I’ve been able to set the font sizes successfully, but it doesn’t reduce the navbar’s height. I’ve tweaked some other padding but nothing that affects the overall size of container.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    Please have a look at and at

    If You klick in Firefox(portable developer edition is at sourceforge) with the right mousekey at the right side of the nav and then choose ‘Inspect element ‘, then You see <nav role=navigation> which is also the marked in firefox.
    If You add a class to <nav … > then You can style it – evtl. with !important; at the end of the specific parameter like max- height.
    The next line is <ul id=main-menu class=”sm sm-simple” …> . If You mark this line You will find: ul, .sm li {.. line-height etc;
    These parameters are in the sm-simple.css . Here You can change these and some other parameters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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