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    Hello there

    This site was developed by someone else and was handed over to us to modify. Never have used smartmenus and need a little help. There are submenus on the #mainmenu but those never appear when hovered. No errors in console as well.

    the site: https://www.elysianmirissa.com

    I could only found this snippet in function.js

    if (jQuery('#main-menu').length) {
            jQuery("#main-menu").bind("click.smapi", function(e, t) {
                var n = jQuery(this).data("smartmenus");
                if (n.isCollapsible()) {
                    var i = jQuery(t);
                    o = i.dataSM("sub");
                    if (o && !o.is(":visible")) return n.itemActivate(i, !0), !1
        /* hamburger menu toggle */
        if (jQuery('.menu-toggle').length) {
            jQuery('.menu-toggle').click(function() {

    Please advise.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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