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Dropdowns not visible when implementing toggle for mobile

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    Hi there!

    What a wonderful menu system. Thank you so much for the amazing download!
    The documentation that you have provided is great too! But I am having one problem.

    Following along the documentation, I am looking at the “Adding a menu toggle button on small screens” section.

    I followed all the sample code and the toggle works great.

    The problem however is that all the child links of a parent item along with the + or arrow disappear from the navigation!

    Any idea how to I might be able to fix this?


    P.S. As a suggestion, it would be awesome if your next revised version could include a sample file of this toggle, alongside all the other great demos you’ve included in the download!


    Hi and sorry for this delay! I had my summer vacation the past couple of weeks.

    From from what I can understand from your explanation, I guess you are probably causing some JavaScript error (e.g. by not properly copying/pasting the demo JS code or something) which prevents the script from initializing your menu tree at all. Here is a basic demo I just setup:

    Just make sure the demo frame is not wider than 768px so that you can see the menu toggle button.

    Hope this helps.

    Apart from that, I have planned to include many more demos in the download package in the future so, hopefully, this will happen soon.



    Hi there!

    Thank you so much for your reply. And no worries about the late reply. Glad you had a good vacation. We all need them!

    Thanks so much for your code sample. Fabulous help that!

    I will download it and have a fiddle with it!

    Cheers and many thanks again!


    Hey Vasil

    Thanks again so much for your help here. It turns out that the issue I had was that my HTML wasn’t structured correctly.

    You mentioned that you were going to show more demos. That’s fabulous Vasil! Really appreciate that! Anyways. A suggestion or request to include a particular demo…

    I love your menus, especially the sm-simple one! The trouble is that in mobile view it occupies too much vertical room if it has many first level parents. And so in your documentation and in the fiddle you provided us here, by enabling a toggle we can get our menu to be hidden on mobile. Whilst this does the job, having the menu text as an isolated toggle still doesn’t look as “complete” and “attractive” as possible.

    What I would be most grateful to you for would be if you could include a demo that is based on your sm-simple theme that would sort of looks and the toggle work like this menu:

    What is nice about this menu is that the toggle is contained “within” the navigation bar. This gives it a very polished look when in mobile view.

    In your included examples, it is true that the bootstrap based menus are like this too!
    But not everyone wants to install Twitter Bootstrap and all the bloat.

    One of the appeals of smartmenus are the very small stylesheets! I want to try and avoid bootstrap!

    And so, if you would consider including an example of a toggled mobile navigation where the toggle is included “within” the navbar, say by way of showing the websites name in text the top left corner, and clicking on that name toggles the menu open and closed, all using your very efficient css styles… then I think this would be a really winning navigation!!

    Well those are my thoughts anyway. Thanks again for all you have done and for reading this.

    Cheers mate!


    There you go:

    Nothing, too funky. You can nest the menu/menu button as you wish inside other containers.

    From here, you may like to tweak the “sm-simple” theme – e.g. most possibly change the responsive breakpoint if needed, etc.




    You the man!

    You rock dude!

    Ok Vasil… so this is a very nice menu indeed!

    I now have the basis of the menu I need. Finally!!

    Again, same suggestion… try to make sure to include this exact style of menu in your next version of your downloadable menu and examples. I reckon a lot of people will find good use for it as this particular menus aesthetic architecture fits in very well the design style and expected functionality of a lot of mobile sites today.

    Whilst I have sufficient skills to modify this menu, perhaps in your next set of examples, you could also have one alternate version where the navbar is not fixed to the top as it is in this particular example.

    If we are using a small phone in landscape view and view an image that was designed to fill the screen, we will not be able to see the whole image if the navbar is stuck there at the top!! So someone like myself doesn’t always want the navbar fixed to the top! Of course each will have their preference. And so having a fixed and having a movable navbar example covers both cases!

    Lastly Vasil, do consider putting a PayPal donation button on your home page and download page so that those appreciative of your good work may be able to put a coffee beside your keyboard 🙂


    Zahari M


    Glad I was able to help and thanks for your feedback! I’ll consider your suggestions. 🙂


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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