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Do not collapse top level

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    I intend to use this wonderfull menu for a website and need some help. Is it possible to collapse only the second and following levels, but not the first one, when on small devices?
    The reason is that the website has a sticky topbar with 3 icons: menu, search and language. They should remain align horizontally, on the same line, regardless of screen size. Here’s a scrrenshot:

    And another question: is it possible to hide submenu indicators for the top level, of the same reason.

    I really hope that it is possible, because I really love this menu.
    Thank you very much!


    Hm, to be honest I am not sure I understand very well your question. By default in collapsible mode the main menu is visible and the 2+ levels are collapsed and can be expanded by the user. If you are asking how to hide the main menu too and only show it when clicking your menu toggle button, then please take a look here to learn how to configure your menu button:

    If this is not what you are asking, please try to explain again.


    Thank you very much for answering. What I want is to have the top level remain as it is on normal devices/desktop, horizontally. This is because I’m using icons for top level and they are part of a sticky bar. Only the first item (the “hamburger”) has children. The other two top elements are search and language switcher.

    To illustrate:

    Thank you once more for helping!


    OK, thanks for the explanation! You will need to remove the styles that make your menu tree collapsible on small screen devices. I am not sure which theme you’ve used (since it’s obviously modified for your needs) but basically you will need to remove all media queries from the theme – i.e. just delete everything in the theme CSS file after the following comment:

      These will make the sub menus collapsible when the screen width is too small.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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