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Disabling Responsive Display, Page Push and Menu Size

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    Hey everyone,

    I’ll be honest and straight up and say JS isn’t really my strong point, but I can mostly install something and get it work and SmartMenus seem to be exactly what I’m looking for; however I have a couple of questions and hoped the community could shed some light – I appreciate it’s a bit of a smorgasbord of questions.

    For context the website/app I’m working on has a main container that has THREE elements: Left Nav Menus / Search Field / Right Icon Nav (alerts, user etc)

    In responsive the Left Nav would go to burger, the search would move to the top above everything and the Right Icon Nav would remain the same.

    1) I want to use SM on multiple menus, however I only want one of them to go responsive in mobile/tablet view. Is there a option for disabling this?

    2) In responsive the “burger” nav is set to block so the nav items are full screen. However as I have multiple items in one container (left nav, search, right icon nav) this could be problematic. Is there a good suggestion for making the burger just as big as the icon (floated right) and still have the menus full screen?

    3) Lastly. Not a huge deal, but can you stock SM pushing down the page content. Looking at the z-index it would seem like it’s above everything else, but in responsive mode it pushes everything down and I’d rather it were just an overlay.

    Thank you. Again, sorry this is a bit multi-part


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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