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Different action for parent link and submenu

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x + Bootstrap addon Different action for parent link and submenu

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    Hi, I want to ask about action of parent link and submenus link from dropdown.
    Can we make it if the parent link action is onclick and the submenus on hover? If it so, how to do it? I use smartmenus bootstrap.
    Thank you.


    This is an old topic I’ve obviously missed answering at the time for some reason but if someone needs this in the future, you could do it by using the showOnClick: true option. It would make your menu behave like a desktop app menu – i.e. click to activate first sub menu, then hover to show any other sub menus and click again to deactivate the sub menus. In the case with the Bootstrap addon, you would need to add it in “jquery.smartmenus.bootstrap.js” – just find this line:


    and replace it with:

    							showOnClick: true,
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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