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Desktop menu - when 'more' item clicked

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    I have the ‘more’ option enabled.
    All works fine generally except a specific situation.

    Desktop menu
    Mouse over ‘more’ to reveal extra items
    If top level item is not valid link but ‘#’ instead then OK
    If top level item is valid URL, when clicked, ‘more’ items appear on second line under main horizontal menu.
    If brower window is expanded or reduced slightly it disappears – but it is annoying!

    It does not seem to be an issue whe on Ipad etc.

    Hopefully it is obvious to you what may be going on.




    Working example

    Last two items on ‘more’ list
    It does not happen every time but I can’t see any logic


    There was a slight issue with your custom file “jquery.smartmenus.more.js”. Just replace it with the following:

    and it should work. Sorry for the late late reply BTW!


    Thanks – I will give it a try and report back

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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