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Design problem

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    Hello !

    I have a little problem with the smartmenu. The navbar’s design change 3 times


    I would like to delete the second design and only have the first (1) and the last (3) design. Would it be possible ? If yes, how ?

    Sorry for the bad english, let me know if u want more informations about my problem

    Thanks !



    If 2) bugs you too much, to avoid the items wrapping you will need to increase the default 768px Bootstrap breakpoint at which the navbar becomes collapsible. You can do it:

    1) Either by downloading a customized Bootstrap version from here:

    you need to edit the media query here:

    * Note that this solution will affect all Bootstrap components on your page, not just your navbar.

    2) Or by manually editing “bootstrap.css”. Here is an example how to increase it to 991px:

    This solution will only affect your navbar.



    Hello, maybe it’s not really related to the op’s problem, but I also have a bootstrap related design issue.
    When in desktop mode, the expanded navbar looks like this

    which makes only the last entry readable. When in collapsed mode it’s even more obvious that the backround color of the menu is somehow not matching when expanded

    is there a way I can change the backround color of these ancestor-menu-entrys manually?

    btw. @admin thanks for all the time and work you put into this project!


    Hi, please post a link to some sort of live demo. You seem to be using some customized Bootstrap theme that is not well optimized. I am not sure which exact rules you will need to edit without checking your code.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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