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Caret not showing on desktop + 2nd submenus not closing + caret&+ on tablet

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x + Bootstrap addon Caret not showing on desktop + 2nd submenus not closing + caret&+ on tablet

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    Hello ! First of all, thanks for this plugin, which is really helpful !
    As of now, I have encountered 3 issues, that I need help with…

    The caret (down arrow) is not showing on desktop. I tried to tweak the css with no success. I think the JS is hiding it but I can’t find where, how and why. If I apply data-sm-skip to the navbar, it shows.

    My second levels submenus are not closing when opening a new one, which results in a stacking of those submenus. And if I click on a opened second level submenu, it closes the parent submenu.

    I changed the collapse breakpoint to 992px, and from 768px to 992px, the caret and the + are both showing (on second level submenus). I know I need to apply a display:none; to the span, but where ?

    Here is the website where you can see those issues :

    Thanks in advance for any help !



    UPDATE :

    I have found where the first and second problems come from… but it makes no sense !

    I applied display:flex; to the ul.navbar-nav (à paraitre -> tout savoir), because I need the menu to take all the width of the row.

    I dont know why, but this specific lines results in the .sm-collapsible applied on load to the ul.navbar-nav element.
    And if this class is not applied on desktop, then my two first problems are resolved.

    But how is the display style messing with the JS ? It doesn’t make sense !


    UPDATE :

    This display:flex; problem is only on Google Chrome.
    It works perfectly well in Firefox and Edge…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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