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Bootstrap jQuery Smartmenus parent item of dropdown clickable

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    I have this Bootstrap 3 website I use jQuery Smartmenus for the menu. I want the parent item to be clickable on the dropdown links. I thought I had this working before, but now the parent item is not clickable.

    How do I make the parent item clickable within my Bootstrap theme with the jQuery Smartmenus plugin?


    I just tested and parent item links can be activated. The first click/tap expands the sub menu and the second loads the link. Isn’t that OK?


    First of all: Thanks for that wonderful menu, which solves a lot of weaknesses of the pure bootstrap navigation.

    I use the bootstrap smartmenu variant and it works fine, but normal-expierienced users criticise, that the behaviour with first/second click/tap is not obvious. So I’m looking for a way to seperate the current (=parent-link) from the dropdown/toggle-link, especially for the mobil view.

    How do i achieve that only the click/tab on the caret plus|minus shows|hides the submenu and a click/tab opens the the page directly?


    I am pretty much having the same issue, I’d like the menu item to be clickable but only lose with the +/- button. Right now the first click anywhere open the menu, the second goes to the page. There is no way to close an opened menu.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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