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blocked loading mixed active content http //

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    We use smart menu’s on a closed system.

    when load smartmenus I get the error about “loading mixed content”.
    According to the google docs support the fix is

    as follows:

    instead of

    switch link or import to


    but when I do this I get other errors caused by the fact that we can’t load external fonts.

    Question, in sm-blue.css, if I remove the

    @import url(….

    when there be any problems that I should be concerned with?

    when I remove this import statement everything looks the same to me.

    Thank you,



    There won’t be any major issues. Just the “PT Sans Narrow” font won’t be loaded from Google fonts and on systems that don’t have the font installed (e.g. standard Windows installs) instead of like this:

    the menu font would look something like this:


    removing the http: works for me. It ought to be removed from the sm_blue.css (and demo.css, and _sm-blue.css) to be clean in the distribution.


    This will be fixed in the next release, thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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