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Active subindicators / color settings

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    Within the last few days I have replaced my old (outdated) menu with SmartMenus 1.0.0 – the Simple Vertical version – on The transfer went smooth.

    The menu has caused me a couple of problems:
    1. Whilst subindicators are active (mouse over, active track) they increase in height. This means that the menu becomes restless and very unpleasent to use.
    2. I am at a loss to understand why the two bottom points on the main menu wraps to two lines.

    Further I have a wishlist for CSS-selectors to improve color-settings on the menu (other users may have similar needs):
    Background color
    Border color to submenus
    Border color to items

    Border color to items

    Active subindicators (main- and submenus):
    Background color

    I have set the SubIndicatorText to space. It is visually too small.
    The arrows in the Subindicators and squares in some detail items comes from Font Awesome. They are not the cause of the height-problem with the Subinditators.

    Hope you cann help me to have ‘the perfect menu’..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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