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Accordion folding multiple -> single

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    the default setting of smartmenus is that multiple submenus of the same or different branches can be expanded at the same time.

    Which code do I need to achieve, that

    a) when one parent-submenu is open and you open a new parent-submenu, that the first one gets closed? (Within the opened parent menu, all sub-menus can be expanded at the same time)
    as shown here:
    Digital printing is expanded. When you click on i.e. Doming, doming expands and digital printing collapses.

    b) the same logic as a) but now also the submenus should behave in that manner (when you open a new one, the previous one gets collapsed).
    click on: “printable blanks” open the submenu
    click on: “sublimation inks” collapses “printable blanks” and expands “sublimation inks”.

    Many thanks in advance,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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