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Re: Sending Menu selection to an Iframe

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x Sending Menu selection to an Iframe Re: Sending Menu selection to an Iframe


Thank you for that but It still loads in iframe1

My iframe script is

 <iframe src="/smartmenus/sm_clean.htm" width="1280" height="85"  name="iframe1" id="iframe1"></iframe>
 <iframe name="iframe2" id="iframe2" width="1280" height="720"></iframe>

Your code above inserted into iframe1 sm-clean.htm

<!-- "sm-clean" menu theme (optional, you can use your own CSS, too) -->
<link href="/smartmenus/css/sm-clean/sm-clean.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
$(function() {
	$('#main-menu').bind('select.smapi', function(e, item) {
		var iframe2 = parent.document.getElementById('iframe2');
		if (iframe2) {
			iframe2.src = item.href;
		return false;
<!-- #main-menu config - instance specific stuff not covered in the theme -->

I am lost in here so please explain ?

Regards Topshed