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Re: Push the page down when expanding @max-width: 640px

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x Push the page down when expanding @max-width: 640px Re: Push the page down when expanding @max-width: 640px



I was reading the above post in relation to a problem I am having with the menu display on less than 640px. The problem I have is similar but not the same. I have a “menu toggle button” set up and working, I am also using the “simple” menu. On full display the menu works great and sub-menus sit on top of content as normal when expanded. On 640 and less, my “menu toggle” works but when I click to expand the menu, the menu sits UNDER my html. Subsequently, sub-menus also have the same effect, there seems to be no push on the content after my menu and sub-menus expand.

admin …. please can you help with any suggestions.