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First of all, I want to thank the author of the menu codes. Its great.

This topic above, and the link provided was very useful.

For me, I did something like below, to customize the toggle button:

	<div class="sm sm-blue" style="width: 100%;">
		<a id="menu-button" style="width: 100%;"></a>
	<ul id="main-menu" class="sm sm-blue collapsed"> 

I added width:100% so that the toggle button is of the same length as the menu.

I also added ‘collapsed’ on the css class for the ul element with id of main-menu, to prevent the blink effect of the menu showing on next page, and then being collapsed (in other words, when a new page is being loaded, the menu is displayed, and then undisplayed. Adding the ‘collapsed’ class makes the menu undisplayed by default).

Thanks again for this great menu.


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