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Re: Full-width Mega-Menu in Bootstrap

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x Full-width Mega-Menu in Bootstrap Re: Full-width Mega-Menu in Bootstrap



I searched for solutions with mega menus in bootstrap. There are some, but when implementing in Smart Menus it doesn’t work.

So, when I found this solutions, it was OK, but, when you put some list with links, It starts behaving very strange. For example, if you put from Yamm and hovering over links, the whole

    disappear. When I look at the source,

      has inline css with display:none.

      I tried this on Smart Menu demos, implementing Yamm mega menu, and also some list with links.

      Try to put this, with Yamm mega menu:

      So my question is, how to create a solution, with above example code (list) in mega menu that doesn’t fall apart?