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Re: control caret drawn

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You can control the SmartMenus added carets via the subIndicators: true/false option. In order to change this, you will need to edit the “jquery.smartmenus.bootstrap.js” file and add the option here:


						subIndicators: false,

						// these are some good default options that should work for all
						// you can, of course, tweak these as you like
						subMenusSubOffsetX: 2,
						subMenusSubOffsetY: -6,
						subIndicatorsPos: 'append',
						subIndicatorsText: '...',
						collapsibleShowFunction: null,
						collapsibleHideFunction: null,
						rightToLeftSubMenus: $this.hasClass('navbar-right'),
						bottomToTopSubMenus: $this.closest('.navbar').hasClass('navbar-fixed-bottom')

BTW, thanks for sharing your suggestion! I will consider it for the future.