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Re: Smartmenus will not work when Jquery is loaded by Requirejs

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x Smartmenus will not work when Jquery is loaded by Requirejs Re: Smartmenus will not work when Jquery is loaded by Requirejs


I’m still don’t have yet a public facing web site.

I do have a question concerning Requirejs syntax that may be outside the scope
of this forum. If it is, I understand, but just in case, let me continue!
In our business layer we have the following:

web/js/lib/jquery/jquery-1.7.2.js  (which I believe should work with smartmenus
web/js/lib/requirePathsConfig.js  (here you add require.config.js)

Note, the addition of “jquery” in the path. The requirePathsConfig.js uses slightly different format.

Below is the format of “requirePathsConfig.js”

/* js/lib/requirePathsConfig.js */

var require = require || {paths:{},shim:{}};
    var context = "/" + location.pathname.split("/")[1] + "/";
    var web = context + "web/js/";
    var bl = context;

    var config = {
       //baseUrl: web + "js/",
       paths : {
            * Paths lists the locations of particular scripts in web.
            * These will be used with the shim config option to setup dependencies for
            * each library.

           jquery : web + "jquery/jquery-1.7.2", /
           // ** not using jquery.jqGrid-4.5.2 until fully tested with all Web features **
           jqGrid : web + "jquery/plugins/webvisGridView/jquery.jqGrid-4.4.1/jquery.jqGrid.src", 
           jqGridLocale : web + "jquery/plugins/webvisGridView/jquery.jqGrid-4.4.1/grid.locale-en",
           // Smartmenu stuff note, the different format
           "jquery.smartmenus" : "jquery/jquery.smartmenus.min"

           // maybe should put main.js ref here?  "main" : "jquery/main",

       shim: {

  /* Hold the dependencies needed for each script. Designed to for 
    * RequireJS v2.0 or higher. Array holds the dependency requirements for each script    above. */

         // recommended from smartmenu forum	   
		   "jquery.smartmenus": {
		      deps: [ "jquery" ],
			  exports: "jQuery.fn.smartmenus"

   	   jqGridLocale: ["jquery", "jqUI"],
    	   jqGrid: ["jqGridLocale"]


    //copy config into the global require
    // Basically take what we have already, and append the paths/shim.
    var copy = function(elementName){
	    for (var x in config[elementName]) {
	    	if (config[elementName].hasOwnProperty(x)) {
	    		require[elementName][x] = config[elementName][x];
// recommended from smartmenu forum requirejs([web+"jquery/main"]);
alert("finished requirePathsConfig.js");


I tried different syntax changes. Incorporating your recommendations but still
missing something basic.

Note, also instead of using

to load say "requireConfigPaths.js" the code I see uses"

instead of

Can you recommend how to incorporate say "requirejs([web +"jquery/main"]) with the structure shown above?

Thank You,