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Re: SmartMenus and Drupal Bootstrap theme

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x SmartMenus and Drupal Bootstrap theme Re: SmartMenus and Drupal Bootstrap theme


Hello admin. Wish I knew your name ‘cose you are a lifesaver for a lot of us liking Bootstrap for all the perks it offers but hating developer policy on menu’s. I was even contemplating moving to zurb foundation framework for this reason.
In any case I have a few suggestions and I hope they make sense.
1. Please reconsider “since I prefer to keep Bootstrap’s default behavior as this is just what most of its users would expect” and include the smartmenus default behaviour with bootstrap plugin as well. Simple logic says that if people were happy with Bootstrap default behaviour there would be no need for excellent plugins such as yours and none of would be here. My view is that people who want default Bootstrap behaviour can just use bootstrap out of the box or perhaps the little better known but less robust CWSpears plugin which only changes default bootstrap behaviour slightly.
2. Perhaps adding a clickable “shadow” copy of parent menu item like in Superfish for example would be a solution (although I am not really a huge fan of it)
3. I would gladly pay for a plugin that overrides bootstrap in the way that smartmenus does (including parent menu behaviour) and I’d pay even more if it included off canvas and other fancy goodies like we have in Foundation framework.

Bootstrap is a great framework but it is not by any means perfect and menu are definitely one of the biggest imperfections judging by the huge amount of threads both in bootstrap issue queue and elsewhere so there is a real market for plugins such as yours that remove those imperfections.