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Re: Mernu does not start on one URL

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x Mernu does not start on one URL Re: Mernu does not start on one URL


Thank you for your reply
I deleted the loader and INIT lines and replaced it with your…..

I checked the CSS dir and it is all there and no 404 errors
But it made no differance

Will try and explain, I have 3 sites on the one hosted account
the first 2 sites work fine

Site 3 “Trolleybus” never gets started, I have install the latest ver of SM9.5 but it made no differance

All 3 sites have an exact same copy of Smartmenus and the trolley one is the only one that fails
The problem one shows the SM menu when loaded into either of the other 2 sites

Below The business end of the script…

SmartMenus jQuery

The script in Trolley

The script in Bus