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Re: mega menu with multiple columns

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x mega menu with multiple columns Re: mega menu with multiple columns



The width constrain is coming from the following default options:

subMenusMinWidth: '10em',
subMenusMaxWidth: '20em',

So what you can do is:

a) Either override these options for all sub menus when you init your menu:

	subMenusSubOffsetX: 1,
	subMenusSubOffsetY: -8,
	subMenusMinWidth: '',
	subMenusMaxWidth: ''

b) or you could do it just for mega sub menus (if you have regular sub menus too), for example, by using some additional CSS like this:

ul.mega-menu {
	width:auto !important;
	max-width:none !important;
	min-width:0 !important;