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Re: Change menu color with CSS

Home Forums Older releases 0.9.x Change menu color with CSS Re: Change menu color with CSS


Thank you for your input, unfortunatly your CSS is the same as came with my original download, so there was no change of background or foreground colors

My only changes that have worked for me is in the font size in smclean a
see below

	.sm-clean a {
	/*	padding:10px;*/
	/*  font-size:18px;*/
	/*  line-height:17px;*/
		font-family:'Lucida Sans Unicode','Lucida Sans','Lucida Grande',Arial,sans-serif;

I have a further thought,
Please, do you have a smart piece of code to let me load the menu at the top of every page with an include. it would fix all my problems and I could do away with Iframes which are doing my head in ??

Regards Topshed