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So, as you asked me to for a better explanation of my problem I will try it with the help of my testwebsite
On my testwebsite are different tabs like “Suche”, “News_Detailseite” and so on.

The problem I currently have is, that when I’m hovering on the tab “Suche +”, two tabs, “+Results” and “testseite” below, usually show up. If you continue to hover with your mouse on the linked site “+Results” another tab is expanding to the right called “Unterseite”.

Now we come to the important part of my request. The tab “testseite” is in contrast to “Suche+” NOT linked. As a result the subpage “unterseite” is not expanding to the right like above “Suche+”.

My question I logically have is, how could I fix the problem that even not linked pages can expand subpages and where in the code do I have to search for it.
Kind regards, Pedro.