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Reply To: submenus don't display on the right

Home Forums Latest release 1.1.x + Bootstrap addon submenus don't display on the right Reply To: submenus don't display on the right



You seem to be using some custom Bootstrap package (I guess part of the Typo 3 theme you use) which has a feature that conflicts with the SmartMenus script. The parent <li>‘s in your menu structure have an additional custom class “dropdown-hover” – e.g.:

<li class="dropdown dropdown-hover"><a href="/dev-informatique/" title="Dév. informatique"...

and the following script uses it to toggle the sub menus on hover:
But since you are using the SmartMenus script, you don't need this. So to fix the issue, you would need to remove those classes from your menu structure. If it's hard for you to do it server-side, you could also use a JS solution like this (just make sure this is included after jQuery on your pages):

$(function() {