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Reply To: Can't get mega menu to go full width

Home Forums Older releases 1.0.x Can't get mega menu to go full width Reply To: Can't get mega menu to go full width



Good question. Here the original mega menu. Changing « width:400px; » for « width:100%; » do nothing. I try change the li, ul or inside <div> width without result.

<li><a href="#">Mega menu</a>
      <ul class="mega-menu">
          <!-- The mega drop down contents -->
          <div style="width:400px;max-width:100%;">
            <div style="padding:5px 24px;">
              <p>This is a mega drop down test. Just set the "mega-menu" class to the parent UL element to inform the SmartMenus script. It can contain <strong>any HTML</strong>.</p>
              <p>Just style the contents as you like (you may need to reset some SmartMenus inherited styles - e.g. for lists, links, etc.)</p>

I whant to change the width : 800px, dynamic width or full wide mega menu.

Thanks a lot.