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Thank you

I have now inserted this selector into my shadow css-file:
@media (min-width: 768px) {
#main-menu{width: 300px;}
#main-menu > li > a{padding-right: 3px; }

The #main-menu > li > a{padding-right: 3px; } works perfect and I can have text all the way to the right border. And what is more: The items seems have stopped to change hight on focus / not focus. The menu is now well underway to be a dream to use.

Then ‘#main-menu{width: 300px;}, #main-menu{width: 200px;}, #main-menu{width: 500px;} does not change a thing on the total width of the main menu.

And a new one:
On the left side of my menu-texts I have an unused space of some 20px.
I believe it is space reserved for the ‘subIndicatorsText’.

I do not use the subindicators (have set the indicator to space).

I might suggest that you in the next release introduce a js-parameter ‘subIndicatorsDisplay’ true|false. On false the space should be released for menu-text. – With a posibility for ‘ #main-menu > li > a{padding-left: 3px; }’.

In the meantime any suggestion on the change of the total width of the main menu?