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Thanks for the reply

You are partly right:

The ups and downs in heights were due to change to this:
.sm-simple a, .sm-simple a:hover, .sm-simple a:focus, .sm-simple a:active {
padding: 13px 20px;

I had reduced both the vertical and the horizontal padding.
Going back to default means that:
1. The space for each menu item is now much higher than necessary and preferable. (I might run short of space on smaller screens).
2. The space for text in the items is reduced slightly.
I would like both the vertical and the horizontal padding in this selector to be reducable all the way down to 0 px (3-5 in practise for both) without any dynamic change in height or change to word wrap to the items when they are toggle-/path-active. That is the way I think it should be default.

Further the two first items on my list still remains:

1. How can I make the main menu itself wider (For me by some 15 to 30 pixels. For others may be more) to provide more space for text?

2. How can I make the right some 20-40 pixels of the mainmenu-items available for text (in addition to the above)? Now the text wraps around much too early.

PS: I use vertical simple