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Reply To: Dropdown Menus and submenu positioning with z-index

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The only solution I can think of is leaving it as is but having the SmartMenu so that it doesn’t go all the way to the top and bottom of the browser but rather to the bottom of the header and top of the footer. Is there a way of altering the position and placement of the SmartMeun dropdown submenus?

Nope, this is not possible because the sub menus are real nested UL elements and we cannot use CSS clip for the long sub menus scrolling feature – just the whole browser viewport can be used as a clipping container.

But, actually, I believe, it shouldn’t be too difficult to fix the issue. It would really help very much if you could share a code sample but, on theory, I believe this should work – try not setting specific z-index for your Header, Directory Menu Bar and Footer containers but instead set a z-index just to your header and directory menu UL elements. Also if your directory menu UL element is producing the white bar below your header and this causes an issue, then instead you could float it to the left and wrap in it some other full width container that would represent the white bar.

If you can’t cope on your own, please post some kind of live demo and I will try to tweak it.